About Us

There are certain institutes in Pakistan where testing and analysing a student’s true ability and educational prowess has become an impossible task. This is because cheating is rife, whereas the assessment criteria laid out by examination boards is outdated. The result; creative students are left behind in the race of achieving academic success. To counter this predicament in Pakistan, the Ziauddin University Examination Board (ZUEB) was formed. The sole goal of the organisation; to spread quality education across the country.

The Ziauddin University Examination Board was accepted in the Government Gazette No. XLI of 2018 dated 6th June, 2018. From thereon, the board has performed the meticulous task of setting exemplary standards of academic scrutiny that are at par with ideals established by international examination boards.

The Ziauddin University Examination Board’s primary objective is developing eloquent examinations and assessment procedures that test students understanding and knowledge regarding a particular subject. The resolution is to steer the upcoming generation away from predictable verbatim answers linked to rote learning, furthermore, push them towards creative thinking. The functions of ZUEB include but are not limited to, moderating examinations and assessment grades, selecting and assigning invigilators and markers, as well assuring security of examination scripts.

The Ziauddin University Examination Board’s also performs the duty of handling appeals from students with regard to examination or assessment matters, while also conscientiously reviewing examination related policies and procedures. Due to the presence of the Ziauddin University Examination Board, students and their parents can rest assured of being provided with a fair marking scheme, free of political influences, personal bias and redundant education policies.

Furthermore, the board’s mission is to facilitate the learning of institutional heads, teachers and students by enabling ventures through exemplary exam syllabi, e-resources, and e- pedagogies in print and visual form. The e-resources are extremely supportive as these are put together in line with curriculum standards and aim to enhance learning outcomes. The board connected with the University examination department, also receives guidance regarding the formation of e-papers, e-marketing and standardised testing.

It is also our focus at the Ziauddin University Education Board to introduce training sessions for our teachers so they remain updated regarding different teaching methodologies that lead to an enhancement in the knowledge of the students. Some of these programmes are available at the Ziauddin College of Education that provides degrees and scholarships that focus on strengthening educational communities and teaching skills.

We understand the evolving world of technology has changed the way students analyse information and it is an academic institute’s utmost responsibility to adapt to educational methods that are the most revolutionary. For this purpose, the Ziauddin University Education Board holds evaluations of teachers and assesses where they stand in providing knowledge to students.

Additionally, the Ziauddin University Examination Board updates and evaluates the curriculum from time to time in order to keep the educational standards of Ziauddin University at par with international educational institutes. These updates also include online teacher development.

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