Executive Director’s Message

It is indeed a great honour for me to become an Executive Director of the esteemed Ziauddin University Examination Board (ZUEB), which possesses distinction of being first Board of country under private sector, that came into an existence through a legislation of Provincial Assembly, Sindh. After creation, the ZUEB has become a credible Examination Body in a short time period, which is however, expanding its operation swiftly, with the passage of time.

Technology has no doubt play a significant role in redesigning the education and examination methodology and system in today’s modern world. It would be a day dreaming, if without using modern means and adopting emerging trends, a credible and efficient examination mechanism can be developed. ZUEB being part of Ziauddin Group – Pioneer in Education Sector, is well prepared to structure and provide a state of the art evaluation skeleton for students of its affiliated institutions.

I am confident that with its highly proficient assessment system and having calculated set parameters for evaluation, the ZUEB has proudly much more to offer the students of affiliated institutions to meet the requirement of contemporary and competitive world.

I humbly assure that it would be my priority that the ZUEB would be weaved entirely under IT-based integration, and no human interference could affect its pace and transparency in any manner.

I gratefully welcome and congratulate the students and institutions, who have an aspirant to affiliate with the ZUEB, which is certainly going to become a paragon of excellence in the Educational World.

Muhammad Akhtar Ghori,

Executive Director